Tuition & Fees

We are committed to providing financial assistance to families. Please call for details on tuition rates and financial assistance. In addition, we offer a siblings discount and staff discounts.

Financial Assistance

We are committed to helping all families with access to high quality childcare in their communities. We strive to create a program that is  financially self-supporting and accessible to families of all income levels, and one that supports living wages, benefits and incentives to retain dynamic and skilled staff. We know that the state child-care financial assistance rates do not fully support families in meeting the rising cost of high quality childcare so our assistance goes beyond this where possible.


As part of the enrollment process we ask you to determine your eligibility for assistance through the Vermont Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP). To do so visit this website: or call the Department for Children and Families at (802) 241-3110. Families apply for CCFAP and, based on income and need, are awarded a subsidy that may be between 10% and 100% of the state’s largest award. The CCFAP money is sent directly to the child care provider. In the case of Saplings and many other licensed child care centers, 100% of the state’s subsidy is less than our school rate. Most schools charge families a copay to cover the difference between the subsidy rate and the school rate. To meet the financial needs of our center and support families, we are asking families to pay (1) a copay of 55% of the gap between the CCFAP full rate and our rate and (2) if you are awarded less than 100% subsidy, the difference between the percent of subsidy you are awarded and the full rate.

Enrollment Forms

You can send the completed forms to us via email, via snail mail or you can bring them by the center during business hours.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Click here to inquire about availability.


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